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New Hammond Products

Hammond announce exciting new products will be unveiled at the upcoming Namm show.

Watch this space

B-3 on a 6' 10" wide Narrowboat .. A World First ?

'Bob Blues' a London based Hammond Player and Radio Station DJ / Producer has taken delivery of his New Portable B-3p aboard his floating home / studio.. a NARROWBOAT !

YES … a 50' long by 6' 10" wide narrowboat !!! ……. A B-3 complete with 25 note pedal board, bench and Leslie Speaker
(which was already aboard)

Below are a few pics form delivery day with Bob, Barrie and Malc and you can then read all about Bob, his new Hammond and his music below.

Pathway leading to Bob's mooring

The B-3 Portable's new home

All unboxed and ready to go aboard

Bob and Barrie ready to take the B on board

Permission to board ?

Malc setting the B-3 up with Bob at the helm (couldn't resist that pun)

Bob's story ….

Ive been playing since I was 6 when I was allowed to play my Gran’s piano on a Saturday morning. I was originally trained on the trumpet but never progressed much beyond School Orchestra level.  One day I was listening to an old 78 record and heard some blues and I was hooked. The sound was terrible but the wonderful music of the blues just got into my heart.  On this old record was a Hammond and I knew from hearing this from the first moment this was what I wanted to play.

I got a chance to play an old B3 a few years ago and this was the moment knew I wanted one but cost and space was a problem. A few years ago I started playing with “Wendys Lost Boys” and I steadily progressed from an Oberhiem B3 simulator and Hefner Leslie simulator pedal to an single manual XK3 and Leslie 860 (Thank you Ebay). Although at this time I was using a stack of keyboards and midi gear on stage I was only happy when I was on the Hammond playing the blues. When Wendys Lost Boys folded (Arrgh girlfriends in the band!) I bought a lower manual for the XK3 and stopped using the synths and midi gear all together as the Hammond was such a nice instrument to play just sitting on it brought a smile to my face. I also do some charity work, which requires me to play a church organ so, I made up some drawbar settings that resembled what I had so I was able to practice with the same sound. (Between you and I the Hammond is a much nicer instrument than some of the church organs I have played!).
Late 2010 I bought and moved onto my 50ft Narrow boat and installed my studio in the living area with a squeeze (Hammond Xk3 system, Andomenda A6, several Yamaha DX7 and a 24 track mixer with Alesis Monitors) and for a year found the peace and tranquility of the life on the canal beneficial to recording. I could take the boat out, tie up and turn the Leslie up with out neighbors complaining.  
Since the first day of playing the original B3 I have always lusted over one so earlier this year I decided to finally go for it but as I lived on a Narrow boat it had to be planned very carefully as I needed to get it on and off along with the Leslie so armed with an expandable ruler I found I could get the B3-P in so the order was placed.
When it arrived, In a large van, on a large pallet, I honestly thought it would never fit in but after Malc and Barry had unpacked it, it all fitted in just as I had planned.
What is it like to play? Well the answer is just perfect; the keyboard action is as smooth as silk. The sound is amazing and IMHO so much better than the XK3 and is a total joy to play. The only thing I regret is not getting it earlier and as for space, the dog is a bit peeved that her bed has moved but there is only so much you can fit in on a Narrow boat.
The band I play with now is more rock and blues so my Hammond fits in perfectly.
If you are interested in the blues I broadcast a live Internet radio show from my floating studio every Tuesday and Friday 10-midnight in the UK on and the show is also available on iTunes search Dekadance and select Ain’t Nuthin But Bob Blues.
Have fun and Go for it!
Bob Blues


May 2012 Roadshows

Hammond roadshow weekend culminates in successful Birmingham Holiday inn event. A big thanks to all who attended.

All set up and ready to go …

Great to see some of our existing Hammond users
Sk2 owner John Gulliver tries the Pro XK System

Basic layout for the shows featuring the
Sk1 - Sk2 - XK-1 - Pro XK3c System and Leslie 2010

Ready to start the Hammond Sessions show ..

The mighty Pro XK-3c System and Sk2 stage keyboard side by side

One to One 'Hammond Player Session' with Malc

for a few more pictures and comments from the shows go to our

Once again …
Many thanks for all the enthusiastic support during the 3 events.

Always great to see old friends and meet up with new ones.

Cheers … Barrie & Malc

May 2012 Newsletter

click here to download the NewsLetter with articles on:
  • The award winning Sk Stage Keyboards
  • Frankfurt 2012 MusikMesse report
  • A few words from Malc
  • New items in Hammond Organ UK Shop


MAY 2012 ROADSHOWS - MEET THE Sk Stage Keyboards

Meet up with Barrie Freeman and Malc Deakin to try and learn about the incredible new Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards and the Hammond XK-3c and Pro XK system - One to One Sessions with Malc Deakin.

  • The venues are:
  • Friday 18th May 12 noon - 8pm Holiday Inn Express Manchester East - Hyde Rd, Manchester, M18 7LJ

  • Saturday 19th May 12 noon - 6pm Holiday Inn Ariel Hotel London Heathrow Bath Rd, London UB3 5AJ Sunday 20th May 12 noon - 6pm

  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham West Birchley Park, Oldbury, Birmingham

Full details or on our Events Page - links for maps etc.

Hammond UK Roadshows May 2012 - Manchester - London - Birmingham -

MANCHESTER Fri 18th - LONDON Sat 19th - BIRMINGHAM Sun 20th

Hammond SK2

see and try the multi award winning Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards -
Hammond XK-3c and Pro XK System
- One to One Sessions with Malc Deakin


Frankfurt MusikMesse 2012 - Sk Stage Keyboards Receives Two Major Awards

Barrie s Blog
April 2012.

Sk Stage Keyboards pick up two major awards

Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic 2

At this year’s Frankfurt Music Fair I actually managed to get some time to walk round this enormous show, mainly to get some feed back as to what was going on in the rest of the industry. The weather was more like that in California which undoubtedly helped the upbeat atmosphere and reflected a welcome, buoyant mood from the manufacturers exhibiting.

What is always encouraging is that you notice, as you criss-cross through the many diverse hardware and software companies, the many attempts at the iconic Hammond sound emanating from all corners. This undoubtedly emphasises the importance of the Hammond image in other manufacturer’s planning and is a testament to the timeless popularity of the sound for all musicians.

Lots of eager hands trying out the incredible Sk keyboards for the first time

It certainly did not feel like a year ago that Jon Lord officially launched the new SK series and although we were not able to get products through until November, these incredible instruments have quickly emerged as two of the most important Hammond products for many years. It was therefore even more pleasing and encouraging that, for the SK series , Hammond picked up not one, but two extremely prestigious, press awards at the show, ahead of all other major companies

Siemen Lassche (Hammond Suzuki EU) and Yu Beniya (Suzuki Corp) with the two major awards received by the Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards at the 2012 Frankfurt MusikMesse.
Pasted Graphic 1

crowd gathers for a live session on the New B-3 outside the main demo room

It is always difficult to analyse the importance of the ‘fair’ to our own market in the UK, but it has been noticeable in the few weeks since the event, demand for SK and also XK instruments has been at its highest level for some time.

In my somewhat biased opinion, the proof is that, if you want Hammond then buy Hammond and a big thanks to all the other companies in helping promote that concept.

Barrie .

Sk1 and Sk2 Software Updates and Voice Library Downloads

If you want to get the latest software version and new voice library additions ..
[click here] go to this site


Kent International Keyboard Fair - this Saturday and Sunday ( 11th - 12th Feb 2012)

Dont forget to come along and see us this Saturday and Sunday ( 11th - 12th Feb 2012) at the Kent International Keyboard Fair 2012:

Barrie and Malc will be there and this is your chance to see the Incredible Hammond Sk Stage keyboards.

Malc will be running 2 x formal presentations of the Sk1 and Sk2 at 11:30am and 14:30pm. You can of course drop in and see us anytime between 10am and 5pm for a chat or to try the Sk's for yourself.

This is also your chance to spend a little time with Malc on 1to1 Hammond knowledge sessions.

Hope to see you there.

See Us at the Kent International Keyboard Fair Feb 11th / 12th


See and try the incredible New Hammond Sk1 and Sk2 Stage Keyboards at


[event web site]
The Holiday Inn   The Black Prince

Bexley Kent DA5 1ND
Just off Junction 2 (M25) then A2
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th February
10am—5pm both days


Barrie's NOV 2011 BLOG

The 23rd of this month marks my birthday, an anniversary probably best
overlooked rather than celebrated. However, it reminds me that I share my birth year of 1953 with the beginning of the Suzuki company, the owners of Hammond.
Mr Manji Suzuki started his business life, hand building harmonicas in a rented farm store room and has since grown his company to one of the most respected manufacturing operations in Japan . Still firmly at the helm, and staying true to his original concepts of innovation and improvement, Mr Suzuki has successfully evolved the company into one of the worlds leading manufacturers of quality musical instruments and the company takes enormous pride in attaining the precision quality certification, ISO 9001. This level of certification is usually found only in the aerospace and high technology industries.

Suzuki bought Hammond in 1991 and applied the same high standards of design and manufacturing that had brought success in other areas. Ten years later, a relatively small, by other Japanese music company standards, but dedicated team of development engineers and designers combined their passion for the brand and technical expertise to create the new ‘Vase 3’ sound engine system, that is at the heart of the latest ‘new generation’ Hammond instruments. The continued success and assured future of the Hammond brand has a lot to do with this very talented and understated R&D department.

Sales success is all about the product and its features, which are there to satisfy prospective customers. The very latest SK stage keyboards are a reflection of this and, by the comments of proud owners, these models have certainly delivered. But it is just important to know that when you look beyond the knobs and switches and examine the technical aspects and construction, you find products manufactured to the very highest standard, a feature that is rarely mentioned in promotional material but which enables all of us to sell and buy Hammond instruments with true confidence.

Barrie Freeman
Managing Director
Hammond Organ UK


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Sk Stage Keyboard Demos at HamLab

Malc is running 1- to -1 demo days at his HamLab operation
If you want to see hear try this incredible new keyboard / organ range from Hammond contact him for details


Barrie's BLOG New SK Stage Keyboards and Frankfurt Music Show

My first visit to the Frankfurt Music Fair was in 1974 as a young shop manager flying Dan-air on a day trip from Luton.

Coincidentally it was also the first time I had flown, so I didn’t really know how to worry about the fog conditions and the two hours circling Frankfurt before attempting to land and overshooting the runway. I think I managed about two hours at the fair .

Over the years there have been a number of very enjoyable and also very important times spent at the fair. But this year was probably one of the most important.

Hammond Europe had again excelled in creating a Hammond stand which was both striking and functional, enabling continuous noise free demos to take place during the day , a hands on area and room to welcome guests , buyers and artists from all over the world.

On the opening day HSE had arranged a very special product launch event with guest of honour Jon Lord, a very special privilege from a Hammond icon who rarely makes product endorsement appearances. With our very own Malc Deakin chosen to look after the product dems , a totally new chapter of the Hammond story was about to be written as the new Sk series was unveiled.

I was first exposed to the new Sk concept about a year ago. Since that time, with input from around the world, Suzuki has refined its original features and design and all came together for an extremely successful first showing.

As is now the norm, an event that took place in 20 square meters in Frankfurt has now been placed, by various camcorders or phone cameras, on a multitude of web sites and forums around the world. As they say, the new Sk is ‘out there’.

The Sk series is not intended to replace any existing models but is designed to expand the current range by providing features that will appeal to a much broader range of customers.

We will be taking delivery of these instruments in about six weeks time when we will organise a definitive video demo and a special session event so you can personally get together with these amazing new keyboards.


Hammond SK1
SK-1 weighs an amazing 7KG
SK-2 is just 16KG

The SK-1 will be available from June 2011 shortly followed by the SK-2

download the brochure here

pre order here

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