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Barrie's BLOG Oct 2010 .... The Music Show DUBLIN

I decided to get involved with the Dublin Music show this year as we were getting an increasing amount of enquiries from Ireland and as Hammond had not had a presence in this country for such a long time I felt it was a good opportunity to introduce the ‘new generation’ instruments and to start building a new base in the region.

It is interesting that, this year, the major music shows in the UK have had a hard time.
With both ‘Music Live’ in Birmingham and the London Music Show being cancelled for one reason or another. These exhibitions are feeling the effect of both the soaring costs involved and the effect of internet trading on such promotions.
It was therefore even more pleasing to find not only a very vibrant event in Dublin but a show formula that seems to be very successful. I am sure this will be a regular event for us in the future. I would like to thank all that visited us at the show and congratulate the organisers for their extremely friendly and professional assistance.

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