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Jon Lord plays New B-3p and 3300 Leslie during his recent Russian Tour

JON LORD plays the New B-3P and Leslie 3300 in Russia



Not only is our friend Jon Lord doing us the honor of officially opening the KeyTech Hammond Lab, he graced the keys of the New B-3 with his magical hands during his recent tour of Russia.
You can see some video footage during his performance on the New B-3
here on Jon's web site

Logistically this was quite an effort and special thanks must go to
Mr Yu Beniya of Hammond Organ HQ in Japan and Mr Valeriy Gulevich the Hammond Organ agent for Russia for liaising with us to make this happen.

Jon was suitably impressed with the new B-3 and Leslie 3300 and I am meeting up with him shortly after the Music Tech School Ceremony hopefully before Christmas to go through the full benefits of the New Generation Hammond Organs and how they could fit in with his future projects and live performances.

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