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DUBLIN MUSIC SHOW OCT 2010 Report and Short Movie ..

There was such a 'vibe' about this show (-:
As we had never exhibited in Ireland before we just did not know what to expect ?

Great venue .. great people . and lots & lots of interest in the HAMMOND range.

For the first time ever
I did NOT use a Leslie with the New B-3 !!
One of the new features of the B-3 mk2 is that it has a awesome Leslie simulator on board so I decided to use this show as an experiment to see how it would cope in a live situation.

The was result .... FANTASTIC ... No one could believe what they heard

A big thanks must go to John Hornby Skewes and HK AUDIO for supplying me with the incredible HK L.U.C.A.S MAX PA which I used for this show.

As some of you already will know I have used HK AUDIO PA and monitors on many shows around Europe over the past few years and in my opinion it ROCKS !! Check out the short movie below to hear the results and some information about their new ELEMENTS range.

I met all types of musicians at the show .. some pro players, lots of studio and production folk, and home players who were very excited to see the Hammond back in the spotlight.
One thing was common amongst all our visitors though .. and that was the shear amazement at how good the new generation Hammond Equipment is.

I really enjoyed this trip and had a great time .. not to mention one of our customers taking the New B-3 home with him straight from the show !!!

Thanks DUBLIN .. We'll Be Back ..,.
Cheers .. Malc

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