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See the full Hammond Sk Stage Keyboard Range this weekend Sat 9t and Sun 10th Feb 2013 

Official UK Launch will be at the KENT INTERNATIONAL KEYBOARD FAIR 2013

Meet up with Barrie and Malc from Hammond Organ UK and try - see the complete Sk range 

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Frankfurt MusikMesse 2012 - Sk Stage Keyboards Receives Two Major Awards

Barrie s Blog
April 2012.

Sk Stage Keyboards pick up two major awards

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At this year’s Frankfurt Music Fair I actually managed to get some time to walk round this enormous show, mainly to get some feed back as to what was going on in the rest of the industry. The weather was more like that in California which undoubtedly helped the upbeat atmosphere and reflected a welcome, buoyant mood from the manufacturers exhibiting.

What is always encouraging is that you notice, as you criss-cross through the many diverse hardware and software companies, the many attempts at the iconic Hammond sound emanating from all corners. This undoubtedly emphasises the importance of the Hammond image in other manufacturer’s planning and is a testament to the timeless popularity of the sound for all musicians.

Lots of eager hands trying out the incredible Sk keyboards for the first time

It certainly did not feel like a year ago that Jon Lord officially launched the new SK series and although we were not able to get products through until November, these incredible instruments have quickly emerged as two of the most important Hammond products for many years. It was therefore even more pleasing and encouraging that, for the SK series , Hammond picked up not one, but two extremely prestigious, press awards at the show, ahead of all other major companies

Siemen Lassche (Hammond Suzuki EU) and Yu Beniya (Suzuki Corp) with the two major awards received by the Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards at the 2012 Frankfurt MusikMesse.
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crowd gathers for a live session on the New B-3 outside the main demo room

It is always difficult to analyse the importance of the ‘fair’ to our own market in the UK, but it has been noticeable in the few weeks since the event, demand for SK and also XK instruments has been at its highest level for some time.

In my somewhat biased opinion, the proof is that, if you want Hammond then buy Hammond and a big thanks to all the other companies in helping promote that concept.

Barrie .

Barrie's NOV 2011 BLOG

The 23rd of this month marks my birthday, an anniversary probably best
overlooked rather than celebrated. However, it reminds me that I share my birth year of 1953 with the beginning of the Suzuki company, the owners of Hammond.
Mr Manji Suzuki started his business life, hand building harmonicas in a rented farm store room and has since grown his company to one of the most respected manufacturing operations in Japan . Still firmly at the helm, and staying true to his original concepts of innovation and improvement, Mr Suzuki has successfully evolved the company into one of the worlds leading manufacturers of quality musical instruments and the company takes enormous pride in attaining the precision quality certification, ISO 9001. This level of certification is usually found only in the aerospace and high technology industries.

Suzuki bought Hammond in 1991 and applied the same high standards of design and manufacturing that had brought success in other areas. Ten years later, a relatively small, by other Japanese music company standards, but dedicated team of development engineers and designers combined their passion for the brand and technical expertise to create the new ‘Vase 3’ sound engine system, that is at the heart of the latest ‘new generation’ Hammond instruments. The continued success and assured future of the Hammond brand has a lot to do with this very talented and understated R&D department.

Sales success is all about the product and its features, which are there to satisfy prospective customers. The very latest SK stage keyboards are a reflection of this and, by the comments of proud owners, these models have certainly delivered. But it is just important to know that when you look beyond the knobs and switches and examine the technical aspects and construction, you find products manufactured to the very highest standard, a feature that is rarely mentioned in promotional material but which enables all of us to sell and buy Hammond instruments with true confidence.

Barrie Freeman
Managing Director
Hammond Organ UK

Barrie's BLOG New SK Stage Keyboards and Frankfurt Music Show

My first visit to the Frankfurt Music Fair was in 1974 as a young shop manager flying Dan-air on a day trip from Luton.

Coincidentally it was also the first time I had flown, so I didn’t really know how to worry about the fog conditions and the two hours circling Frankfurt before attempting to land and overshooting the runway. I think I managed about two hours at the fair .

Over the years there have been a number of very enjoyable and also very important times spent at the fair. But this year was probably one of the most important.

Hammond Europe had again excelled in creating a Hammond stand which was both striking and functional, enabling continuous noise free demos to take place during the day , a hands on area and room to welcome guests , buyers and artists from all over the world.

On the opening day HSE had arranged a very special product launch event with guest of honour Jon Lord, a very special privilege from a Hammond icon who rarely makes product endorsement appearances. With our very own Malc Deakin chosen to look after the product dems , a totally new chapter of the Hammond story was about to be written as the new Sk series was unveiled.

I was first exposed to the new Sk concept about a year ago. Since that time, with input from around the world, Suzuki has refined its original features and design and all came together for an extremely successful first showing.

As is now the norm, an event that took place in 20 square meters in Frankfurt has now been placed, by various camcorders or phone cameras, on a multitude of web sites and forums around the world. As they say, the new Sk is ‘out there’.

The Sk series is not intended to replace any existing models but is designed to expand the current range by providing features that will appeal to a much broader range of customers.

We will be taking delivery of these instruments in about six weeks time when we will organise a definitive video demo and a special session event so you can personally get together with these amazing new keyboards.


Hammond SK1
SK-1 weighs an amazing 7KG
SK-2 is just 16KG

The SK-1 will be available from June 2011 shortly followed by the SK-2

download the brochure here

pre order here

Xmas BLOG 2010

It is always at this time of the year that I reminisce most about the joys of
winter nights out gigging.

I played for many years in a three/ four piece function band and coming up to Christmas was always our busiest time.
We played many corporate dinner dances at lavish London hotels and some very nice club venues. Nice gigs, well paid, always good food and a good bonus for going over time.

Altogether a great experience until, that is, the end of the night when, many times in minus temperatures, the Hammond (which was always heavier at the end of a gig) and Leslie had to be manhandled down flights of icy fire escapes, The Jerry Allen trolley finding four inches of snow totally non navigable and the CF van ( not a transit man) completely frozen up.

My thoughts are therefore with all of you braving these current torrid conditions in the name of music and entertainment hoping the enjoyment of the performance will far out way the behind the scenes, real work the paying customers never gets to see.

On the other hand I must admit to being more than somewhat jealous of today’s Hammond players having such incredible instruments like the Xk1 and Xk3 that make this part of their gigging life so much easier.

I would like to wish all of our friends and customers, gigging musicians or otherwise a very happy and safe Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2011.


Barrie's BLOG Oct 2010 .... The Music Show DUBLIN

I decided to get involved with the Dublin Music show this year as we were getting an increasing amount of enquiries from Ireland and as Hammond had not had a presence in this country for such a long time I felt it was a good opportunity to introduce the ‘new generation’ instruments and to start building a new base in the region.

It is interesting that, this year, the major music shows in the UK have had a hard time.
With both ‘Music Live’ in Birmingham and the London Music Show being cancelled for one reason or another. These exhibitions are feeling the effect of both the soaring costs involved and the effect of internet trading on such promotions.
It was therefore even more pleasing to find not only a very vibrant event in Dublin but a show formula that seems to be very successful. I am sure this will be a regular event for us in the future. I would like to thank all that visited us at the show and congratulate the organisers for their extremely friendly and professional assistance.

Check out Malc's report and
see a short movie about the show here

Barrie's BLOG Sept 2010

I have been severely berated lately for not updating my blog more often. So with the summer months nearly behind us and as attention moves back from holidays and sunny outdoor pursuits to more agreeable pastimes like Hammond performances, it is probably a fitting opportunity to start to put things right.

Hammond means many things to many people. This year, especially, it has been fascinating meeting and talking to varied generations of Hammond players.
Without doubt, one highlight has been being able to spend some time with rock icon Jon Lord.

As you can see from the site we have worked closely with Jon on a few projects and it has been brilliant to hear the stories of his association with Hammond. His personal and totally unsolicited endorsement of the new B3 is a testament to the authenticity of the current instruments and his video interview, now on the site and filmed around the time of his sixty-ninth birthday, shows the legendary performer still as passionate as ever about Hammond.

It has been just as rewarding, however, to work with some of the upcoming professional keyboard players who insist that to ‘get the gig’ they must have the real thing and in a multi keys set up that usually has meant the XK3c.
This incredible drawbar keyboard has been found on major tours,
local gigs, professional studios and home studios alike and without doubt has become the generic Hammond keyboard instrument, being hailed as the ‘best ever’.
We will be bringing some of these player profiles to the site so you can share their experiences.

Following on from the success of the Hammond Player DVD we have been asked to produce a second similar product. This year we have been busy filming product information videos which are now finished. The ‘Meet The’ B3, XK3c and Xk1 are available now online at and give an insight into how to get the very best out of these instruments. Attention can now be refocused on a new ‘Player’ video. hopefully for 2011.

For those interested in education, this is developing nicely, introducing a totally new generation to Hammond performance. At Keyboard-tech, ( the West London based Hammond tuition Lab opened earlier this year enrolment to the Hammond courses is increasing rapidly and also many budding Hammond players have attended Malc’s one to one sessions at the Sheffield Ham Lab.

I am very pleased to report that, unlike the experience of most trades, we have not been too affected by the depressed economic climate. Business has been a bit patchy since March, not helped by the World Cup attention and the warm days through May and June, but, our regional stockists have seen steady activity through this time and are now reporting a definite upturn in Hammond enquiries, looking forward to an even better winter period.
It is very important to note that only instruments purchased from our authorised UK stockists are fully guaranteed in the UK.

On the promotion front I am particularly pleased regarding our upcoming visit to the Music show in Dublin. Over the last few years we have been getting an increasing amount of enquiries from Ireland and this is our first attempt at bringing the ‘new generation’ Hammond instruments to the country. I hope Malc and I will be able to speak to many local Hammond enthusiasts on the stand.
Details are in the events section.

We hope to structure a few extra regional activities before the end of 2010 so keep an eye on the site or register for our newsletters to keep you up to date with events.

Catch up again soon.

Barrie Freeman
Managing Director
Hammond Organ UK

TECH MUSIC SCHOOLS Opens New Hammond Keyboard Lab

I have, for some time, been personally very committed to evolving a credible education program for budding Hammond Players, especially aligned to the more contemporary Hammond music styles.
I formed ‘Hammond Player’ as our UK music tuition and product knowledge umbrella operation and the Hammond Player DVD has helped to introduce basic Hammond performance styles to many aspiring performers.

More recently ‘Hammond Lab’ has been introduced as the format for where such educational activities can take place and already this is proving a most beneficial resource to our Hammond Centre UK retail activity.
In order to develop our education program further I have been trying to devise a new, structured tuition system which can be tailored to the needs of the modern Hammond player and most importantly utilised as a pre and after sales service to our customers.

I am therefore extremely pleased to announce that Hammond Organ UK have been working closely with the London based ‘Tech Music’ group to produce not only an exciting new approach to Hammond tuition but also to create the very first main contemporary Hammond education centre in the country.
We are obviously extremely pleased with this development and would encourage as many prospective Hammond players as possible to contact Keyboard Tech for further information on their education program fro Hammond.

Regards .....

On Saturday 28th November Hammond rock legend Jon Lord will officially open Keyboard Tech ‘s brand new and specially structured Hammond Lab at their Acton based tuition centre.

This is the official news release from the Keyboard Tech office...

Legendary duo to appear at Tech Music Schools Official opening
of the Hammond Lab.

King of the keys Jon Lord is set to cut the ribbon and officially open the new Hammond Keyboard Lab at Tech Music Schools on 28th November 2009. Joining him will be renowned Hammond player James Taylor. The day will start off with some amazing performances from a selection of Tech Music School tutors, followed by a master class and the official opening of the lab in the afternoon.

Tech Music Schools are delighted to be teaming up with Hammond to introduce the jazz/rock legacy of keyboards to the school. Not only will students be in ore of the brand new lab fully equipped with 12 high end work stations, they will also be able to take their learning potential to the max by taking part in extra private lessons throughout the year if they wish to advance their technique on this legendary instrument.

Having gone through a complete make over during the summer, the schools have extended their high end educational facilities by adding a 4
th building to the establishment. This houses the brand new Hammond Keyboard Lab featuring 6 x XK1 drawbar keyboards, XK3c drawbar keyboard, XK pro system 2 manual organ and a Leslie 2101 speaker system.

Jon Lord, best known for his time spent playing with the 70’s Progressive Rock band Deep Purple is supporting the schools in their decision to teach specialised modules in Hammond organ. The 1 Year Diploma, 1 Year Cert HE and 3 Year BMus Degree students will take part in learning this amazing instrument, there will also be a specially devised part time course and private lessons available purely for the Hammond Keyboard.

As well as opening the doors of the lab, Jon will be taking the time to meet potential and existing students as well as signing memorabilia following the opening. Tech Music Schools are honoured to have such influential figures present for the opening of the all new premises.

If you would like to attend this fantastic event please call 0208 749 3131 and book your place on the 1pm slot.



More info:

FOR PRESS ENQUIRIES please contact:
Michelle Humphreys  or 0208 749 3131

Barrie's Blog July 2009

Barrie’s Blog
July 2009

2009 marks the 5th year of the new Hammond UK and of course it also celebrates the 75th year of the Hammond Organ.
Having been personally involved with the Hammond business for over 40 years it continues to amaze me how this fundamental ‘pipe organ substitute’ invention, has stood the test of time and continues, almost in it’s original style, to form the basis of most of the musical genres we hear today.
The’ New Generation’ Hammond instruments are a tribute to the dedication of the Suzuki Development team in Japan, who have worked tirelessly and with a focused dedication for over 20 years to ‘get it right’ and without doubt they have certainly achieved that.
We are now seeing the introduction of a second wave of these instruments, due mainly to the changes in EU design regulations especially in the lead content ‘RoHS’ Regulations. This has meant the need to virtually re design the complete range with the discontinuation of some lines and the improvement of others. Fortunately this procedure is now finished and our product range is again complete, from the iconic ‘new B3’ through the amazing XK3c and associated system, to the Xk1 and XM2 module. Also on the Leslie Speaker front we now have the full line available from the compact 2101 the incredible 3300 to the vintage 122.
The success of the range has been underwritten by the increasing endorsement of the highest profile of professional performers. We have been privileged to work with some of the UK’s leading artists and bands eager to include new generation Hammond instruments in their line up.

My greatest pleasure has come from the increasing amount of home players who are returning to their 60s roots and enjoying Hammond performance as a major hobby.
Also from our extensive promotional activities of regional workshops and master classes we see a major increase of interest in Hammond Playing from a much younger customer age group.

It has been obvious, and coincidentally one of my personal interests, that a sharing of knowledge through some form of education program has become an essential part of our marketing program. Malc has worked tirelessly on this front and not only helping with product development and producing and managing all our i.t activity, he has been instrumental in our education program by fronting the Hammond Player activity. The Hammond Player DVD is now up for its first reprint having been distributed all over the world and has become the major resource for budding Hammond performers.

Hammond Lab

We now are embarking on a totally new program of education, product demonstration, and personal performance development, with the launch of the very first Hammond Laboratory. Or ‘Ham Lab’
This project is being pioneered buy Malc at Hammond Centre UK and opens later this month. I am confident this operation will develop with a number of Ham Labs opening up across the country to provide a specialist centre to help novice keyboardists become complete Hammond Players.

Our recent new retail strategy has resulted in an updated countrywide family of UK Hammond stockists who have been personally selected to offer the highest level of support to regional Hammond customers. You can find your nearest outlet and their current stock availability on the web site under UK Stockists. We will endeavour to profile each of these companies in more detail on the site.

Despite the current economic climate Hammond is currently doing very well, with sales across Europe developing nicely, unlike many other keyboard brands.
I am convinced we are only just touching on the true potential of Hammond sales in the UK and even in these difficult times we will enjoy a successful year

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