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See the full Hammond Sk Stage Keyboard Range this weekend Sat 9t and Sun 10th Feb 2013 

Official UK Launch will be at the KENT INTERNATIONAL KEYBOARD FAIR 2013

Meet up with Barrie and Malc from Hammond Organ UK and try - see the complete Sk range 

full details on our Facebook Events page


Sk1-73-TopSK1_88 copy

At the 2013 Winter NAMM Hammond announced the release of two new additions to their highly popular Sk series of stage/performance keyboard instruments. The Sk1-73 and Sk1-88 models feature 73 and 88 note keyboards, respectively. The two new models join the original Sk1 (61 keys) and the Sk2 (twin 61 note keyboards). All four models share the same specifications.

The new models are in response to the many piano players buying their first Hammond, surprised that such a rich and responsive set of piano voices and more emanates from an instrument equipped with drawbars. Those piano players are more comfortable playing a longer keyboard, so the new 73 and 88 note keybeds have the Hammond-style "waterfall" keyboards to accommodate traditional Hammond style performance but are also semi-weighted to facilitate comfortable piano play.

The Sk series, released last year, provides the keyboard player a comprehensive set of essential sounds suitable for any style of music, featuring an authentic Hammond Organ with Digital Leslie Speaker. Acoustic and Electric Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and FM), Clavinet, Accordion, Transistor Organ (Vox, Farfisa, and Jaguar), Synth and Orchestral voices plus 32 ranks of authentic pipe organ voices complete the sound set. All of these sounds reside in ultra-lightweight units that range from the 15 pound Sk1 to the 35 pound Sk2. It's everything needed to play any show in any genre.

The Hammond name has been the brand leader in organs for 77 years, but modern players want highly portable (yet potent) instruments that provide multiple voices.. The Sk's are able to jump from screaming, vintage B-3 to a funky clav, to a stately Grand Piano all in the press of a button, and every inch of the sound engine can be modified and adapted to meet the player's needs.

12 different Hammond Profiles with 18 discrete parameters combined with 16 Digital Leslie Profiles give you thousands of Vintage and Modern Hammond tones, Add to that 36 Discrete Keyboard, Synth and Orchestral Voices with 114 variations and you have a comprehensive foundation keyboard instrument that is the centerpiece of any player's rig.

The Sk1-73 will be available in the UK from Mid February and the Sk1-88 from mid May 2013. RRP are £1699 and £1899 respectively, although internet shop prices may be cheaper.

Hammond • The Sound, The Soul, The One!

New Hammond Products

Hammond announce exciting new products will be unveiled at the upcoming Namm show.

Watch this space

B-3 on a 6' 10" wide Narrowboat .. A World First ?

'Bob Blues' a London based Hammond Player and Radio Station DJ / Producer has taken delivery of his New Portable B-3p aboard his floating home / studio.. a NARROWBOAT !

YES … a 50' long by 6' 10" wide narrowboat !!! ……. A B-3 complete with 25 note pedal board, bench and Leslie Speaker
(which was already aboard)

Below are a few pics form delivery day with Bob, Barrie and Malc and you can then read all about Bob, his new Hammond and his music below.

Pathway leading to Bob's mooring

The B-3 Portable's new home

All unboxed and ready to go aboard

Bob and Barrie ready to take the B on board

Permission to board ?

Malc setting the B-3 up with Bob at the helm (couldn't resist that pun)

Bob's story ….

Ive been playing since I was 6 when I was allowed to play my Gran’s piano on a Saturday morning. I was originally trained on the trumpet but never progressed much beyond School Orchestra level.  One day I was listening to an old 78 record and heard some blues and I was hooked. The sound was terrible but the wonderful music of the blues just got into my heart.  On this old record was a Hammond and I knew from hearing this from the first moment this was what I wanted to play.

I got a chance to play an old B3 a few years ago and this was the moment knew I wanted one but cost and space was a problem. A few years ago I started playing with “Wendys Lost Boys” and I steadily progressed from an Oberhiem B3 simulator and Hefner Leslie simulator pedal to an single manual XK3 and Leslie 860 (Thank you Ebay). Although at this time I was using a stack of keyboards and midi gear on stage I was only happy when I was on the Hammond playing the blues. When Wendys Lost Boys folded (Arrgh girlfriends in the band!) I bought a lower manual for the XK3 and stopped using the synths and midi gear all together as the Hammond was such a nice instrument to play just sitting on it brought a smile to my face. I also do some charity work, which requires me to play a church organ so, I made up some drawbar settings that resembled what I had so I was able to practice with the same sound. (Between you and I the Hammond is a much nicer instrument than some of the church organs I have played!).
Late 2010 I bought and moved onto my 50ft Narrow boat and installed my studio in the living area with a squeeze (Hammond Xk3 system, Andomenda A6, several Yamaha DX7 and a 24 track mixer with Alesis Monitors) and for a year found the peace and tranquility of the life on the canal beneficial to recording. I could take the boat out, tie up and turn the Leslie up with out neighbors complaining.  
Since the first day of playing the original B3 I have always lusted over one so earlier this year I decided to finally go for it but as I lived on a Narrow boat it had to be planned very carefully as I needed to get it on and off along with the Leslie so armed with an expandable ruler I found I could get the B3-P in so the order was placed.
When it arrived, In a large van, on a large pallet, I honestly thought it would never fit in but after Malc and Barry had unpacked it, it all fitted in just as I had planned.
What is it like to play? Well the answer is just perfect; the keyboard action is as smooth as silk. The sound is amazing and IMHO so much better than the XK3 and is a total joy to play. The only thing I regret is not getting it earlier and as for space, the dog is a bit peeved that her bed has moved but there is only so much you can fit in on a Narrow boat.
The band I play with now is more rock and blues so my Hammond fits in perfectly.
If you are interested in the blues I broadcast a live Internet radio show from my floating studio every Tuesday and Friday 10-midnight in the UK on and the show is also available on iTunes search Dekadance and select Ain’t Nuthin But Bob Blues.
Have fun and Go for it!
Bob Blues


May 2012 Newsletter

click here to download the NewsLetter with articles on:
  • The award winning Sk Stage Keyboards
  • Frankfurt 2012 MusikMesse report
  • A few words from Malc
  • New items in Hammond Organ UK Shop


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Sk Stage Keyboard Demos at HamLab

Malc is running 1- to -1 demo days at his HamLab operation
If you want to see hear try this incredible new keyboard / organ range from Hammond contact him for details


New SK Keyboards to Launch at Frankurt International Music Festival Next Week

a new chapter begins ... Rock legend Jon Lord will unveil the
New Sk ‘stage keyboard series‘
to pre invited guests at the Frankfurt Music Messe at 11 am Wed 6th April 2011

We are very happy and excited about this 'awesome' new keyboard range and thrilled that our own Malc Deakin has been chosen to make the show in the 'live demo room' on the Hammond booth for this 'world exclusive product launch'

Will will be located @ Booth C30 in Halle 5 .0

Make sure you follow the BLOG for more news as it happens live from the MUSIKMESSE next week
Follow us on TWITTER for the Latest News Follow HammondOrganUK on Twitter

At Hammond, there have been many new product launches through the remarkable history of this iconic brand.

From Laurens Hammond’s original ground breaking engineering developments, right up to the present, where Suzuki continue to invest in technological advances that enables the Hammond brand to move forward into the future of music making.

The new Hammond SK series, debuting at the 2011 Frankfurt Music Fair, illustrates the dedication of a company that truly understands and believes in its future.

These two new instruments represent all that has been asked for by keyboard performers, from all genres of music, over the last few years and brings to the market Hammond products that have evolved laterally but still maintain their essential core sound and performance characteristics.

There is no doubt that these new instruments mark the beginning of yet another chapter in the continuing Hammond story and we all are extremely excited by their inclusion into the range.

We will be bringing the new SK instruments to the UK in the very near future


massive clear out of our demo stock .. save £'s

XK- Pro System
XLK-3 lower manual
XPK Bass Pedals -
Leslie 3300 and Leslie 2101 mk2 + many more items

more details here

See us in Kent 5th and 6th Feb 2011

Kent Keyboard Show
5th and 6th Feb 2011 - see us there .....

We are once again going to attend one of our favourite shows details here:

If you get chance to visit us at the Kent International Keyboard Show it would be great to see you.
This year I am going to try and do lots of Q&A sessions as well as the normal hands on and demo stuff.
Ever wanted to know how to tweak the sounds of your XK beyond recognition ?

Sessions on recording Hammond into existing songs / mixes and using the mighty Hammond with computers and arranger keyboards

If you have ever wanted to own. learn to play or are just interested in Hammond Organs, this is the show you should really attend.

UK product specialist and Hammond Artiste Malc Deakin will be on hand along with Hammond Organ UK Managing Director Barrie Freeman to answer all you questions and show you around the incredible New Generation Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker range

Also at this show there will be a once in a lifetime chance to own a limited edition HAMMOND M44 at an incredible low price

click here for a more detailed schedule of sessions and other things happening at this show


Venue Details below
The show runs from 10am to 5pm Sat and Sun
Holiday Inn
Southwold Rd, Bexley DA5 1ND
0871 942 9006

View Larger Map</a>

New B-3 and 122 installed in one of the Finest Studios around

Hammond News
B-3 Ultimo and Leslie 122 installed in one of the Premier Studios in Europe

This is an amazing place and hope to bring you an in depth report soon. Cheers Malc

Full story coming in Jan 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all ..

News and Articles coming up in Jan 2011

See Us At The Kent International Keyboard Show
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th Feb 2011
full details here:

B-3 Ultimo and Leslie 122 installed in one of the Premier Studios in Europe This is an amazing place and hope to bring you an in depth report soon. Cheers Malc Full story coming in Jan 2011

Paul Carrack uses the Hammond H44 Melodion and Hammond XK-3c .. full story coming soon

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Read the Christmas 2010 BLOG from Barrie Freeman
click here

DUBLIN MUSIC SHOW OCT 2010 Report and Short Movie ..

There was such a 'vibe' about this show (-:
As we had never exhibited in Ireland before we just did not know what to expect ?

Great venue .. great people . and lots & lots of interest in the HAMMOND range.

For the first time ever
I did NOT use a Leslie with the New B-3 !!
One of the new features of the B-3 mk2 is that it has a awesome Leslie simulator on board so I decided to use this show as an experiment to see how it would cope in a live situation.

The was result .... FANTASTIC ... No one could believe what they heard

A big thanks must go to John Hornby Skewes and HK AUDIO for supplying me with the incredible HK L.U.C.A.S MAX PA which I used for this show.

As some of you already will know I have used HK AUDIO PA and monitors on many shows around Europe over the past few years and in my opinion it ROCKS !! Check out the short movie below to hear the results and some information about their new ELEMENTS range.

I met all types of musicians at the show .. some pro players, lots of studio and production folk, and home players who were very excited to see the Hammond back in the spotlight.
One thing was common amongst all our visitors though .. and that was the shear amazement at how good the new generation Hammond Equipment is.

I really enjoyed this trip and had a great time .. not to mention one of our customers taking the New B-3 home with him straight from the show !!!

Thanks DUBLIN .. We'll Be Back ..,.
Cheers .. Malc

Malc Deakin Talks to Jon Lord


Rock Legend Jon Lord has been featured several times on our site over the past months.
Jon has his own New Generation B-3p portable and Leslie 3300.

In an interview shot at his studio this summer, Malc talks to Jon about his career, his music and his growing affection for his new B-3.

UK On Line Accessory Shop HAMMOND PLAYER

The Hammond Organ UK Accessory Shop is now back on line
follow the link at the top of the page.

A few weeks ago, Malc Deakin shot hours of video covering all aspects of the whole of the current Hammond Organ Range of Instruments

Visit Hammond Player and check it out.

More soon .........

SEE US IN DUBLIN SAT 2nd and SUN 3rd October 2010

Meet up with Barrie Freeman and Malc Deakin from Hammond Organ UK and try & learn all about the very latest range of Hammond Organs
We will be showing the Mighty new B-3 mk2 Hammond XK-3c Hammond XK-1 Hammond XM-2
+ the range of Hammond's Innovative H series Electro / Acoustic Melodions

for details of the venue and tickets click here
download the newsletter sheet click here


NEW B-3mk2 - XK-3C - XK-1 - XM-2 MIDI MODULE


Hope you can make it .. Barrie & Malc

Thanks to all that attended the Leeds Show

Thank you to everyone that came to see us at the Leeds 'Hammond Sessions' Show.

We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting new friends and fellow Hammond Lovers.

Special thanks to Alison and Paul plus the rest of the Production Room team for organising this event and making it all run smoothly with excellent hospitality.

Cheers ... Barrie and Malc

Leeds Show and Jon Lord

Just a quick reminder that you can see us + Malc and the trio in Leeds Thursday 27/05/10
Click here for details
Jon Lord
We have just returned back from visiting Jon Lord at his studio.
What a very nice chap he is not to mention a Hammond Playing Legend.
Be sure to keep an eye on the
Hammond Organ UK site for 'video podcast' featuring Jon and the New B-3p and 3300 Leslie
Keep Up To Date
We rely heavily on the
feed-icon_orange-28px RSS newsfeed for all our news and info so please subscribe to be sure that you do not miss out.  There is a short instructional video on 'Malcs BLOG' explaining how to use 'news feeds' if you are unsure.
twitter_logo_s Users.. subscribe to Malc's Tweets as all the news is echoed there also.
Hope to see you in Leeds
Kind regards
Hammond Organ UK

Hammond Rock Legend Jon Lord


As you may have read on previous postings, Jon Lord used the New B-3 on a gig during his Russian Tour last year.

He was suitably impressed and now Jon has had his own New B-3p and 3300 Leslie for a couple of months now

Tomorrow we are going to visit him at his home studio to find out how he is getting along with his new Hammond, what he is up to at the moment & future plans and interview him for a Hammond UK PodCast

More soon


Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman at the KEYBOARDTECH 'HAMMOND LAB'


After months of preparation, the infamous Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman hosted an informative, fun and lively Q&A event at Tech Music Schools (TMS) last Wednesday 28th April. The evening went down a storm as the room packed full of students, fans and even a few TMS tutors, listened intently to the stories of the Deep Purple and Yes years

Read the full story here

Pictured left to right ...
Jon Lord - Barrie Freeman - Rick Wakeman

in the KEYBOARDTECH Hammond Lab.

New Hammond Dealer in Leeds

We are very happy to welcome PRODUCTION ROOM in Leeds
to our family of UK Hammond Stockist
This is a fabulous store which focuses on Pro Musicians and their needs.
Pictured above Alison and Paul (Directors) with Barrie Freeman Hammond Organ UK taking delivery of their first stock

Barrie Freeman and Malc Deakin from Hammond are going to be there for a
Hammond Sessions Workshop and Demo Day on Thursday May 27th 2010

There will be two separate sessions.

Set 1 will start at 14:30

This session will be a general workshop / clinic plus product knowledge featuring all the current Hammond and Leslie Speaker Range including the new B-3 mk2

There will plenty of time for Q&A as well as hands on stuff.

Set 2 will start at 19:30

This session will focus on
"MEET THE B" taking you you through the incredible tactility offered by this and other Hammond instruments and how they fit in to all genres of music in studio, live performance and home players.

There will be a short Q&A session and sections on the XK-3c and Pro XK system.

For some of this session
Malc will be joined by Chris Durling (drums) and Cecil Zinyuku (bass and guitar) to add that 'Live Hammond Groove" to the event.

All are welcome at both sets but be sure to

call Production Room on 0113 2467985 to book your place
but hurry as this event will soon fill up.

Jon Lord plays New B-3p and 3300 Leslie during his recent Russian Tour

JON LORD plays the New B-3P and Leslie 3300 in Russia



Not only is our friend Jon Lord doing us the honor of officially opening the KeyTech Hammond Lab, he graced the keys of the New B-3 with his magical hands during his recent tour of Russia.
You can see some video footage during his performance on the New B-3
here on Jon's web site

Logistically this was quite an effort and special thanks must go to
Mr Yu Beniya of Hammond Organ HQ in Japan and Mr Valeriy Gulevich the Hammond Organ agent for Russia for liaising with us to make this happen.

Jon was suitably impressed with the new B-3 and Leslie 3300 and I am meeting up with him shortly after the Music Tech School Ceremony hopefully before Christmas to go through the full benefits of the New Generation Hammond Organs and how they could fit in with his future projects and live performances.

BBC Radio 2's 'The Organist Entertains' celebrates its 40th Aniversary with the New Hammond B-3 Ultimo

BBC Radio 2 The Organist Entertains
As part of the Hammond 75th anniversary and BBC Radio 2's 40th anniversary of the Organist Entertains Hammond Organ UK were proud to supply a Hammond B3 Ultimo and Leslie cabinets 122 and 3300 for the live celebration concert recorded in Blackpool at the Tower Ballroom May 2009.

In a special hour long programme on Tuesday 23rd June 2200-2300, The Organist Entertains celebrates four decades of organ music from around the world with a special concert recorded last month at the legendary Blackpool Tower Ballroom. The concert features performances from presenter, Nigel Ogden, and Phil Kelsall, currently resident Blackpool Tower organist, as well as the contrasting sounds of the Howard Beaumont Trio with Howard at the keys of the Hammond B3 Ultimo organ in its first major public appearance in the UK.

click here for the Radio 2 Web Site featuring the Recording

Hammond B-3 Ultimo with matching Leslie 122 and Leslie 3300 ready for the live recording in the Tower Ballroom Blackpool.
Pictured left to right: Hammond Organ UK's Barrie Freeman with Jazz Organist Howard Beaumont and BBC Radio 2 Presenter and Organist Nigel Ogden

Ultimo on stage ready for the afternoon sound check and rehearsal

You can see, hear and try the incredible Hammond B-3 Ultimo at Promenade Music in Morecombe Lancs
Just call 01524 410202 and ask for David or Steve

May 2009 Shows in East Kilbride 5th - Wakefield 7th - Runcorn 9th

Many thanks to all that attended the Southampton Roadshow on the 25th April. Great to see everyone as usual and hope you enjoyed.

The new B-3 style Wooden Stand and bench was very well received as was the new 2101 mk2 Leslie.

Try and get along to one of the shows in your area over the next couple of weeks to see and try for yourself. It would be great to see you.

We are now preparing for the Isle of Bute Jazz and R&B festival on the 2nd and 3rd May and very much looking forward to this event.

We will try and get some media (video / pics etc) up each evening from the show so watch the news blog for new articles over the bank holiday weekend.

After the Isle of Bute jazz Festival we will be moving on to East Kilbride, Wakefield and Runcorn with the Spring Roadshow

See the NEW 2101 mk2 Leslie and the much awaited B-3 Style wooden stand and bench for the Pro XK System

There will be opportunities to hear and try for yourself the
XK-3C, Pro XK System with the new B-3 style wooden stand and bench, XK1 and the new 2101 mk2 + Leslie 3300 cabinet. + live 'Be a Hammond Player Sessions' with Malc - Hammond Player DVD and some basic technique workshops.

Please come along and have a chat with Barrie and Malc and find out just how good the New Hammond Organ Range Really is for yourself

Please note that the East Kilbride and Wakefield events will finish at 8pm and not 9pm as previously published.

We will as normal have the large screen video system for all the clinics and workshops with cameras on the organs so you can see exactly what is happening

Hope to see you at one of the venues soon.
Hammond Organ UK Team

PS >>> it would be good to know how many of you rely on and use the RSS feed to keep up to date with our news and how many still prefer / use the email-shot newsletter ?Drop us a line with the subject Mail or RSS if you get a few spare moments:

Details of the venues below
Click the hotel links for directions

East Kilbride
Scotland Tuesday 5th May 09 10am - 8pm

Holiday Inn
Hotel Front Desk:01355-236300

Wakefield Yorks Thursday 7th May 09 10am - 8pm
Holiday Inn
Hotel Front Desk:0870-4009082

Runcorn Cheshire Saturday 9th May 10am - 4pm
Holiday Inn
Hotel Front Desk: 0870-4009070

Spring news - Roadshows: New Dates Added other news..


Hello and welcome to the email bulletin and our quarterly PDF news sheet.
The Spring 09 edition you can download here:

The main headlines are listed below

The long awaited New 2101- mk 2 Leslie Speakers plus the B-3 styled wooden stands and benches for the Pro XK system are now available in the UK See and try them at the shows listed below. + see the Hammond 44 electric / acoustic Melodion

3 new dates added to the Spring Roadshow tour - East Kilbride 5th May 09 10am - 9pm - Wakefield 7th May 09 10am - 9pm - Runcorn 9th May 10am - 4pm we will publish the full details on the news blog UK Road Shows, section after the Southampton show

The web site is now available from its regular home instead of the 2009preview BETA site address

This weekend Sat 25th April 09 we are at the Holiday Inn Eastiegh , Southampton, Hants. Full venue details, maps etc for Southampton are here

Be the first to see the new 2101 mk2 Leslie and B-3 style wooden Pro XK system stand and bench.
You can also see and try the Hammond XK-3c - XK-1 Leslie 3300 and various bass pedal options.

As always, Barrie and Malc will be around to answer any questions and give advice on anything to do with Hammond and Leslie products.
Take this opportunity to also attend a free Hammond Player Clinics with Malc and also there will be opportunities for short 1 to 1 sessions if you have any specific Hammond style or technique questions.

We aim to start around 10am and finish around 4pm so try and get down for an hour or two.
It is always good fun, intuitive and best of all its 100% free.

Isle of Bute Jazz and R&B Festival Bank Holiday Weekend 2nd - 3rd May 09
Full venue details, maps etc for The Isle of Bute are here

We are heading north for Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd May 09 to take part in the Isle of Bute Jazz and R&B Festival
Our sessions will be held in the Rothesay Pavilion Lesser Hall - 45 Argyle Street - Rothesay - Isle of Bute - Tel:01700 504250

We have got two formal Hammond Player Clinics / Workshops planed for Sat and Sunday and for the rest of the time you are invited to come along and try all the Hammond and Leslie range for yourself -lots of informal Jams, etc.
Barrie and Malc will be around to answer any questions and give advice on anything to do with Hammond and Leslie products.

Take this opportunity to also attend a free Hammond Player Clinics with Malc and also there will be opportunities for short 1 to 1 sessions if you have any specific Hammond style or technique questions.

Be A Hammond Player Clinics Free Entrance
12.30 - 2.30pm - Pavilion Lesser Hall - HAMMOND Organ Clinic - free entry

SUNDAY 3 2009
12.30 - 2.30pm - Pavilion Lesser Hall - HAMMOND Organ Clinic - free entry

Newsletter April 09

Hello and welcome to our post Frankfurt Music Show 09 news letter.

We had a great time at the show and it was a very successful and busy event for the Hammond International team. The B-3 mk2 was very well received and so was the new 2101-mk2 Leslie.

We also showed the wooden stand and bench option for the Pro XK System which turned quite a few heads.

There are articles video etc to be found on the news-blog section of the new web site.

There are not as many !!! as we would like however ! read Malc's Blog to find out why !!!!

Also as requested, we have put a couple of Malc's XK-3c audio demo files up there for you to have a quick listen to. get the links from the XK-3c page of the 2009 web site


We start off with the UK Roadshow program in a couple of weeks time at on of our favorite venues: The Holiday Inn at Eastleigh The show will be on Sat 25th April 09. There are full details on the News Blog under the UK Shows section.

We are getting more and more media and info uploaded to the new site so I hope you like this new resource for Hammond Organ UK.

For those of you who followed the video diary of the show, thanks for you positive reaction and we will continue to take digital media of all our events and post them on the blog.

Thats about it for now and we look forward to seeing you at on the Hammond Organ Events in the near future

Don't forget to keep checking the new site for the latest updates

Kind regards

The Hammond Organ UK Team

Off To Frankfurt and New Hammond UK Web


Just a quick note to bring you up to date with the World of Hammond Organ UK.

First, please check out our new web site. It is a BETA version at the moment but worth a look.

We will be finishing off the data uploads in a very short while.

Click here to see the site:

In the meantime we will keep the old site live just in case you cant find something on the new.

One of the best features of the new site is the News Blog and more product information downloads. Keep an eye on the BLOG for all the latest news etc. You can subscribe to its RSS feed and be automatically informed of any new postings.

Barrie and I are off to Frankfurt all this week (I am just enjoying a beer at the airport whilst waiting for my flight) for the Music Show and hope to add some podcast material to the BLOG live from the Hammond Booth.

Please feel free to comment about our new web site and facilities and dont forget to keep an eye on the BLOG.

Time for another beer !!!

Cheers .... Malc

Welcome to the new web site

We are in Frankfurt all this week at the International Music Messe

When we return we should have news of the new wooden stand and bench for the XK-3 + other news.

We are going to try and keep the BLOG updated with atricles and video LIVE from the Hammond Booth so keep a check on the BLOG page

See Other Posts...